In 2017, R/GA was asked to do a complete overhaul of the Google Top Contributor Program. What we created was a system, that allowed users participating within the Google Product Forums to level up and become a certified Google Product Expert. The leveling system had to be clear and precise. The aesthetic had to feel premium, as these are some of Googles most knowledgeable and certified people to trust within the forums. The design also had to be flexible, as this program lived among many different sites and formats. Deliverables included logo, design system, badge designs, marketing site, and user profile.

Creative Directors: Sammi Needham & Matt Schreiber
Design Director: Jeremy Van Cleef
Visual Designers: Aliza Kravatz & Eric Howe
Experience Designers: Gene Lu and Hakha Mashayekhi

Badge Designs



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Homepage - Mobile

Other star concepts presented to the client


Nelson Cash — Senior Designer
The Brigade — Senior Designer
AKQA — Freelance Designer
R/GA — Visual Designer


Nike, Jordan, Burton,
Google, Mozilla, VSCO,
All Raise, Mercari, Indeed
FICO, Smartwool, Pathlight


Branding, UI/UX, Product,
Illustration, Identity, Motion,
Art Direction, Prototyping