Mercari Freebird

The incentitive behind this promotion was to get new users to list four different items on Mercari. In return, they would be able to pick out a free item of their choice after listing four things. The research that drove this idea was an insight that people who list four or more things on Mercari have a higher chance of selling something. With a message like “List 4 things. Get a free thing.” we made sure the offer was easy to understand as quickly as possible.

I was tasked in creating a visual language for this promotion that included branding, user interface design and user journey mapping.

Creative Director: Shawn Petersen
Senior Designer: Aliza Kravatz
Associate Design Director: Matt Noe
Senior Writer: Hillary Churchill

Animation by Nick O’Malley



Nelson Cash — Senior Designer
The Brigade — Senior Designer
AKQA — Freelance Designer
R/GA — Designer


Nike, Jordan, Burton,
Google, Mozilla, VSCO,
Mercari, FICO, Smartwool


Branding, UI/UX, Product,
Illustration, Identity, Motion,
Art Direction, Prototyping